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Thing 6

Every time I open my google reader, I have many new posts to look through. I have come to the conclusion that I scan first, decide what I want to spend more time reading, star those, and then mark the rest as read.

One blog post from the Learning is Messy blog alerted me to the fact that the teacher, Brian Crosby, had been video taped as the Teacher Feature on Promethean Planet. He teaches a 5th grade class and I thoroughly enjoyed his use of Active Board, laptops and blog for a lesson.

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2 Responses to “Thing 6”

  1.   Jen Says:

    I enjoyed reading all your blogs today. You have some great links. I learned a lot from them–thanks for sharing your resources. I also like your suggestion about how to manage Google Reader quickly when so much information is coming in to review.

  2.   kdwright Says:

    I also liked your ideas regarding the Google Reader. I get overwhelmed opening up my reader and seeing all the new posts. I will also start to star the ones I’m interested in and mark all others as read. What is Promethean Planet?

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